Gemini Junction

Pre-pandemic, Gemini Junction was JT Moring, Annie Rettic, Richie Strell, Travis Oliver, and Rocky Smolin. We had a good old time playing a mix of acoustic American roots music. Lots of fiddle, harmonica, guitar, banjo, and standup bass, with side helpings of kazoo, spoons, mountain dulcimer, and what-have-you. We played original music, and bring old songs into the new millennium, sometimes kicking and screaming.

Our debut album launched in 2016 with the following songs.

  • Pallet on the Floor. Our take on the old bluegrass tune.
  • Come to Find Out. From back when Annie was angry, with lots of bluesy energy. The first of several songs powered by Jimmy Brennecke’s percussion.
  • If It Hadn’t Been For Love. Richie nails the Steeldrivers’ song.
  • Watching the World Go By. Featuring excellent piano from Barry Brown and amazing whistling by Ian McCartor.
  • Strange Sound. Our first song to feature dual kazoos.
  • Reno. A rollicking Richie original.
  • Catfish. You know Richie’s blues name is Catfish, right?
  • Gold Watch and Chain. Annie does the Carter family golden oldie. With 3 and 4 part harmonies.
  • Skillet Good and Greasy. With banjo, spoons, and jug under the harps and fiddle, what’s not to like?
  • Never Coming Back. We got Mike Bradley to come in and play some JJ Cale slide guitar here. Nice!
  • This Land Is Your Land. We reworked this from the Kids Ride Free album. Because you can’t go wrong with Woodie Guthrie.
  • Backpage of the Troubadour. Our appreciation of the San Diego Troubadour magazine and all its friends. Because Cover of the Rolling Stone was taken.