Album Art

With the exception of the disk photo, I took these during pandemic times on my iPhone, with some phone editing in Camera+2, lettering done in Prisma, and final tweaking in Photoshop. Album art on left, originals on right.

Front cover

Four foot portrait by my son Evan Moring (lower right), paint and wax on plywood frame, hanging in my living room. Part of a family set.

Back cover

Photo taken in a wash near Tamarisk Grove campground, Anza Borrego State Park, California. At the suggestion of people who seemed to know, I adjusted the tint for compatibility with the front.

Inside fold

Photo taken outside CataviƱa, Baja California, Mexico, the day before the events in Guerrero Negro.


Photo by talented artist/musician Paul Moeller on the hill behind his house in Joshua Tree, California.

Some photos that didn’t make it