Only Just a Man (2021)

Pandemic-inspired solo project released fall 2021. 19 tracks, all original music including 6 instrumentals. I play all instruments; Ramona Ault adds her fantastic vocals. I’ll add lyrics, audio, video, and commentary over time. E

1 Roxy*
2 Run Baby Run
3 Low Tide
4 Guerrero Negro
5 Kerfuffle Shuffle*
6 Down on the Farm
7 Harvest Time in Humboldt
8 Welcome to the Neighborhood
9 Better Off Dead*
10 Eyes Wide Open
11 Forty Acres and a Mule
12 The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
13 Prelude to a Storm*
14 Six Feet High and Rising
15 Business as Usual
16 Higher Ground*
17 Good Old Boy
18 Hole in the Sky/Reprise
19 Over and Out*

* Instrumental

Ramona Ault is a Los Angeles native but has now lived in San Diego for 30 years. She sings and plays guitar with her bluegrass band, Prairie Sky,  as she has for the last 11 years. In addition, Ramona loves to write original songs and arrange and sing harmonies. She is also currently working on a memoir of her round-the-world adventures as a young, brave, and very lucky young woman. Find Prairie Sky Band on Facebook and Ramona on Facebook and YouTube.

The usual suspects, and some unusual ones, used on Only Just a Man.

Big thanks!!! This is a “solo” project (and I am “only just a man”) but I’ve had a lot of help getting here…

  • Ramona Ault for lots of good ideas and sanity checks along the way.
  • Eve Selis for starting this ball rolling, helping with song arrangements, and setting high standards.
  • Ronan Chris Murphy for mentoring my recording and mixing aspirations over the years.
  • Cathryn Beeks who has built such a strong music community, where I met Ramona, and whose The Game for songwriters inspired at least three of these songs.
  • Cliff Keller, and the San Diego Songwriter Meetup, who gave valuable advice along the way and support over the years.
  • Dick Jay, and the rest of the San Diego Folk Heritage crew, who help keep the music alive.
  • Liz Abbott of the San Diego Troubadour, who keeps us appraised of who’s doing what.
  • Mary Jo Preti, for being there all the time, especially when I need it the most.
  • All the musicians I’ve played with, especially Annie Rettic and Richie Strell, and all those I’ve listened to, who’ve taught me a lot about making pleasing sounds.
  • All the folks who’ve enjoyed my music so far, inspiring me to keep going and doing better.

Mastering by Ronan Chris Murphy at Veneto West.

Front cover (4’x4′ mixed media, Evan Moring)